the best way to buy beautiful bespoke funeral products

At such a sad time, why is it beneficial to buy beautiful Bespoke funeral products direct from a manufacturer

By Family Farewells

Family Farewells are the right people  to manufacture and supply quality bespoke funeral products. 

Our most important goal is to make the overwhelming experience of purchasing some products, including cremation caskets and memorial crosses a little bit easier.

During times of grief, we value putting you and your family at ease and providing you with maximum support. 

This is why we sell our funeral products directly to the public on a number of platforms including our website, Etsy and eBay

This will help you from spending unnecessary amounts of money on buying these items from a funeral director.

Selling funeral products directly to the public has many advantages for our families. 

The cost of funeral products can cause financial stress when some funeral directors (usually the large funeral chains) charge too much money for these items, or don’t provide the support you need when going through the personalisation and design process.

Once you begin to organise a funeral service, costs add up quickly, as some funeral directors will offer ‘packages’ with more funeral products to make more money, but this can be prevented. 

We understand that financial struggles are difficult, especially in a situations like losing a loved one, which is why we offer affordable bespoke cremation caskets without the hassle of needing a funeral director if this is what you choose.

We are also able to supply your local funeral director with our caskets if you feel more comfortable doing this. 

Our customers will find quality items within their budget, with easy and safe access on all our platforms.

the right people to create beautiful bespoke funeral products

After a funeral, dealing with a funeral director as oppose to the manufacturer directly can be tough, especially when it feels like you’re not in control of the funeral products you want and bespoke designs that accompany them. 

We have over a hundred designs as well as offering truly bespoke designs, were as the funeral director has a limited number of products you can choose from.

Family Farewells offer a personal one-on-one experience directly with our design team in which you have more freedom and control in designing your funeral products. 

We are open to personal ideas and welcome your suggestions to make sure your funeral products are designed to fulfil your wishes.

Additionally, selling funeral products directly to the public means we can save you the time and effort in searching for a generic product through your funeral director.

We think funeral directors are very important in helping you and your family arrange the funeral and look after your loved one.

When it comes down to creating a fitting tribute for your loved one after the funeral you need to speak to people that have experience in the design, manufacture and supply of these products.

Buying directly from Family Farewells is much easier, less troublesome, and time-saving and a overall better experience because you can be more involved with the finished product.

This is because your are talking directly to people that can help you create a beautiful product to treasure the memories of a loved one..

“We think funeral directors are very important in helping you and your family arrange the funeral and take great care of your loved one”

“When it comes to bespoke funeral products you are in better hands working with people who specialise in bespoke products”

At Family Farewells we care about our families which is why we aim to make our services easily accessible by selling our items directly to you. 

Buying funeral products in itself can cause an emotional upheaval, so it can sometimes be difficult to make the right choices, but we are here to support and advise our families during these difficult times.W

ways to create beautiful bespoke designs
ways to create beautiful bespoke designs
ways to create beautiful bespoke designs

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